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2018/19 Squad Numbers Revealed

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2018/19 Squad Numbers Revealed

The Reds can reveal who will wear what for the upcoming season. Due to the nature of Sunday League football, there are plenty of changes!

Richard Young moves from 3 to 1 after taking up the goalkeeper position following summer exits by Bunn and Coomber. Stuart Mattos moves from 19 to 5 and keeps his captain’s armband whilst Reece Last takes the now vacant 7 shirt. Ryan Brown (8), Alex Piggin (10), Nick Jermy, (16), Luke Meaney (17), Dom Biddle (20), Zak Nelson (22) and Levi Sharman (23) all retain last years allocated numbers. Number 13 will be reserved for cover goalkeepers, whilst Ryan Bedford will be allocated a number when he returns from injury. Full list below:

1 – Richard Young
3 – Lewis Williams
4 – Robert Groom
5 – Stuart Mattos (C)
6 – Daniel Mortimer
7 – Reece Last
8 – Ryan Brown
9 – Will Mitchell
10 – Alex Piggin
11 – Ethan Mortimer
12 – Kian Smith
14 – James Allerton
15 – Connor Muir
16 – Nick Jermy
17 – Luke Meaney
18 – Connor Gooch
19 – Luke Swatman
20 – Dom Biddle
21 – Leonidas Georgiou
22 – Zak Nelson
23 – Levi Sharman
24 – Brandon Smith
45 – Jacob Hulme
00 – Ryan Bedford

to differentiate between Ethan Mortimer, Darren Mortimer and Daniel Mortimer on our match reports and graphics, Ethan Mortimer will be refereed to as “E.Mortimer”, Daniel Mortimer will be referred to as “D.Mortimer” whilst Darren Mortimer will be referred to as “Mortimer.”


Summer Ins:

Lewis Williams (3)
Robert Groom (4)
Will Mitchell (9)
Kian Smith (12)
James Allerton (14)
Connor Muir (15)
Connor Gooch (18)
Brandon Smith (24)
Jacob Hulme (45)

Summer Outs:

Danny Bunn
Ewan Cowan
Karl Weatherhead
Nathan Hembling-Baldwin
Matthew Stokes
Lucas Woljung
Adam Connellan
Ben Coomber
Ryan Wheeler
Gary Ramage
Jordan Brown
Jack Hunter
Matt Hunter
Richard Hollingbery
Allen High