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The Reds Reveal New Crest

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The Reds Reveal New Crest

Woodton United are delighted to reveal our new crest which will be officially used from 1st June 2019.

Zak Nelson said: “This season is the last season of our current kit deal and as such, we’ll be wearing new kits from June. We thought this would therefore be an ideal time to look at the option of re-designing our logo to modernise our brand and create something a little bit more meaningful with connections to the village. A number of designs were put forward to our players and board, including a slight refresh and neaten up of our current badge but the majority of our squad opted for this change and we’re pleased with the look and connotations of the new design.”

About The Badge: Throughout history Woodton has had a windmill at the centre of the village, and another one a little further away in neighbouring Bedingham, so this has now become the main feature of our crest. Woodton’s mill was last recorded on an ordinance survey map published in 1926 but had been demolished by 1935. The bundle of wheat which featured so prominently on our old logo has shrunk and now features twice to separate the top half of the badge to the bottom, alongside our re-forming year of 2015. At the top of the inner circle features Lord Nelson’s family crest. A young Horatio spent a number of summer holidays in the village and so we wanted to celebrate our link with him using this subtle touch.

You can find out more about Woodton’s history by clicking here.